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Extracurricular Clubs

Micklefield offers an exciting and diverse range of clubs and extracurricular activities throughout the year for both Lower and Upper School children.

We encourage all the children to make the most of their time outside the classroom and offer clubs and extracurricular activities before and after the school day as well as at lunch-time. 

Some clubs and extracurricular activities such as Playball, chess, dance and virtual reality incur an additional charge. 

Please see below for an example of the types of clubs and extracurricular activities available in Lower and Upper School. Parents are able to sign up to clubs each term via the Parent Portal.


Examples of Lower School Clubs
Chess Dance
Football Music Club
Playball Spanish
Yoga Amazing Models
Stop Motion Animation Clay Modelling
Example of Upper School Clubs
Netball Orchestra Book Club
Hockey Choir Virtual Reality
Football Science Debating Club
Rugby Spanish Art
Dance Programmable Robotics Cartoon Drawing
Athletics Chess Creative 360
Chamber Choir Recorder Club Micklefield Band


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