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School Houses

From the moment they join Micklefield School, every child will become a member of one of the four Houses: Cranston, Fonteyn, Somers and Waterlow – all named after famous Reigate inhabitants.

Add a heading (Facebook Post (Landscape))School life   School HousesThe Houses help to reinforce the School’s family atmosphere and create a sense of belonging and collaboration by bringing children across the different year groups together on a regular basis.  Siblings stay together in the same House so that they can support and cheer each other on during their time at Micklefield.

Throughout the school year, fun and interactive House competitions and assemblies take place, often involving team games.  The assemblies are always energetic and a brilliant way to start the day which the children look forward to with much anticipation and excitement!

House points are awarded for effort, good behaviour and achievement with weekly updates in assemblies.  At the end of the academic year the final House Cup is awarded to the winning house.

“Pupils demonstrated excellent collaboration in all lessons seen, working extremely effectively in pairs or groups towards shared outcomes.”  ISI March 2023