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Social Responsibility

Responsibility is one of Micklefield’s four core values. Our aim is to empower our pupils to become kind, caring, and responsible citizens in our ever-changing diverse world. 

Social responsibility is fully embedded in our teaching both inside and outside the classroom throughout the whole school.  Children learn to value different perspectives, embrace inclusion, understand the importance of sustainability and the wider environment, as well as the importance of giving back to society more than you take.

Here is a glimpse of how we do this:

Personal wellbeing is at the core of the Micklefield ethos, and we promote a sense of belonging and feeling valued throughout everything we do. Children care for each other by becoming ‘Wellbeing Champions’, providing a listening ear to their peers or serving as friendly faces to anyone feeling lonely.  Our children also experience caring for new life – this could be looking after baby chicks or stick insects in the Science department, or butterflies in the Nursery.

All our Year 6 children take on different positions of responsibility throughout the School to help fellow pupils on a daily basis. From helping the Nursery children settle in each day, to being responsible for the library at break times, through to being a Peer Mediator in the playground, where they help ensure that everyone is being included.  

We are committed to nurturing environmentally conscious and sustainable thinkers. This starts in Nursery with Our ‘Bee the Change’ project, where the  children learn about the vital role bees play and how they can protect them. Throughout the school, children are actively taught how recycling is part of day to day lives, and pupils also take part in litter picking throughout the local community.

Children from across the school work together in a democracy to do good for others, supporting many charities voted by the School Council.  Recently the Council supported The Children’s Trust in Tadworth with a sponsored Elf Run and fundraising at school shows and concerts.  The School Council have also visited The Children’s Trust to understand their work and to see how the money raised can help.

Our community outreach programme enables the children to actively give back to the local community. This spans supporting our local food bank charity, Loveworks, especially though Harvest and Christmas donations, right through to visiting a local residential home, Abbeyfield, to share songs and stories and connecting with the elderly residents.  

Each year we embrace initiatives raised by our broader Micklefield community to help support those in need across the globe. Recently we were pleased to have been able to send old school uniform to an orphanage in Ghana and textbooks to schools in Sri Lanka.  

“Pupils exhibit entirely inclusive attitudes and a deep appreciation of diversity and of how different cultures have something valuable to offer the world” (ISI 2023)

Awareness and appreciation of different cultures throughout the world are embedded in our Geography, PSHE, RE and Music curriculums. ‘Music Around the World,’ the topic of our recent annual theme week, involved a whole week of workshops in various cultural musical traditions. A highlight included learning a Lugandan song called “Kimu nkimaanyi” with accompaniment from a percussion ensemble. 

Inside the classroom we ensure that all of our pupils understand fundamental human rights and societal and environmental issues that impact the global population. Our Fairtrade project helps the children take their learning into their home environment opening up important conversations with parents. After school clubs such as Current Affairs Club and Ted Talks Club, enable our older children to broaden their global knowledge even further.