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We believe that nutritious and enjoyable food is essential for our children’s well-being.

The Woods Room, where children gather for lunch accompanied by Micklefield staff, provides a warm and friendly atmosphere for lunch. Here, we promote good table manners while encouraging a healthy attitude towards food.

At Micklefield, we are fortunate to have partnered with Accent Catering, who produce lunches of an extremely high standard for our children. With a focus on fresh and nutritious food, Accent Catering sources the finest seasonal and local produce, ensuring that our students receive the highest quality meals. They craft exciting menus that feature a diverse array of dishes, ranging from beloved classics to international flavours.  They also provide regular ‘taster’ events at breaktime to encourage the children to experience new dishes such as, bread tasting, meals from around the world or even “smoothie bikes”!

Our kitchen team prepares all meals from scratch, resulting in every dish being made with care and attention to detail. They prioritise the use of Red Tractor assured meats and sustainably sourced fish, supporting responsible practices. Furthermore, all meals are carefully crafted to reduce salt content. Our dessert recipes are also thoughtfully designed with low sugar alternatives so that children can enjoy delicious treats, while maintaining a balanced diet.

To ensure that every child’s individual needs are met, the catering team works closely with our staff. They consider dietary requirements, allergies, preferences, and even personal desires.  We believe that providing nourishing meals is essential for our children’s growth and development.

To learn more about Accent Catering and their commitment to providing fresh and nutritious meals, please visit their website at

Accent Catering

Catering Menus

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Breakfast menu Summer 2024 19th Apr 2024 Download
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