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The Nursery Day

Whilst every day is different and full of discovery in the Nursery, there is a general structure and flow to our day.

Carpet Time

The children start their daily routine with a carpet time session led by the nursery class teacher. This is a chance for the children to come together and find out about the day ahead.

Phonics and Number activities

Working in small groups children take part in carefully planned adult-led activities.

Explorers Time

Throughout the day children get the opportunity to explore the different learning areas in the classroom and are given sufficient time to follow their own interests.

Outdoor Learning

Being outside gives children a sense of freedom and is invaluable for their physical and emotional development. Every day the children play and learn outside. Each week they also take part in Outdoor Learning activities on the school field.

Specialist Teachers

The children in Nursery have a specialist lesson every day of the week which may include: French, Music and Physical Education.

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